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  We are passionate about making other beautiful and our team offers their full support for our business model.

Our goal is to treat you like royalty and bring out the beauty in you each week.

VIP Gold Membership  $200/Mth

  • 2 Scheduled appointment every 2 weeks

  • Hair, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial

  • FREE transport to and from salon if needed

  • All hair style and services FREE

  • Exclusive private room for VIP members/ free snacks and mini bar


Silver Membership Group $100/Mth


  • Scheduled appointments every 2 weeks

  • Hair, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial

  • All hair style and services 25% 

Our Salon has a level system in place that gives our guests the convenience of a multi-level price range.
Our Stylists and Technicians have worked hard to hone their skills in order to promote themselves to the next level. 
All licensed professionals have proven track record and are ready to serve our guests. 
Our team members are able to move up in level after completing a required number of advanced education classes and meeting specific guest requirements.

 Each level has its own criteria to be met before a promotion is earned. Please click on the name to get more information when available.

We would like to thank you for visiting R&R Elegant Beauty Salon website. 


It is our greatest vision and desire to pamper you from head to toe, and our all-inclusive Pamper Packages can meet anyone's budget.


Accentuating the total beauty in you is what we do best.  


When we finish you will be revived and restored to a place of total beauty.

Again, thank you for your continued patronage

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