How can we help?


Our service is geared toward helping the poor and people must affected by hopelessness by providing them with paid;

  • Life Insurance to cover final expenses

  • Medical insurance

  • dental and vision insurance


Each person is insures through a liscensed insurance company. We cover all their basic needs while the member is present in this life and upon passing we ensure that they have a proper and respectful final send off.

Give your life meaning


Through our generational trust each member life have generational meaning and purpose as the company will use proceeds from the trust to help ay other people that are in need like;

  • Homeless victims with no where to life

  • Lawless youth recovery programs

  • Elderly assistance for people with no families.


Our service is designed to help extand life and give meaning and purpose to a life that has pass.


Immediate Need

We are available by phone 24 hours a day



The Living Trust.

Manchester, JA WI


Gun Violence Awareness
Gun Violence Awareness

Awareness that guns cause and at the same time show the community how life insurance benefits can help to rebuild the community.

Terminally illed (Sick)
Terminally illed (Sick)

The doctors has given up on you and you are just waiting on your sickness to shut your body down that called terminal. We will provide you with the best care in help give your life meaning.

Be remembered beyond the grave
Be remembered beyond the grave

We give criminals and lawless hustlers and people who don't know the value of true value life an opportunity to contribute to rebuilding their communities and educate the youths at no cost for contributor, a proper burial and a financial contribution to a better future for the next generation.

Events & Announcements

Each quarter we host dinner banquets to raise awareness of the value of life and how people can help other even in death.


Our confrence is design to bring about change to help out youths who are living a lawless life to understand their value to society.


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