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Improving and maintaining by MSE

75% of all home owners just wait until the paint on the wall is discolored or until they see green fungus growing on the outside of the home.

The Ultimate Handyman Service in association with The Prophetic Foundation offers a great non profit program to help prevent future problems.

Like a House manager the handyman service uses volunteers to takes care of all the outside work for the home owner and produce a monthly report.

Services Like

• Moe your grass or remove snow from drive ways. Take care of your garden and mulching.

• Remove debris and clean up unwanted trash, Cleaning gutters

• Installing holiday lights and low voltage garden walk lights.

• Detailing and shampoo you’re automobile.

• Touch up exterior painting to your home.

• Pick up from Home Depot or Lowe's as needed.

• Assemble furniture, machinery.

Best of all there is no cost to check out emergency issues from Electrical, Pluming, H VAC.

Marvelous Solution Enterprise click here

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